Eco Heroes is Foursquare meets Planet Green: a social media game that makes it fun to save the planet. Just as Twitter asks, "What's happening?, Eco Heroes asks "Who's the greenest of them all?"

Eco Heroes creator Roz Savage says, "Like many people I'd had enough of Green Guilt, feeling bad about my sins against the environment instead of celebrating the things I do right. So I wanted to focus on the positive. It's fun to earn points for Green Deeds, and to connect into the worldwide community of Greendoers."

Disillusioned with the failure of our global leaders to step in and save the world at the Copenhagen conference last year, Roz Savage asked herself what we can do as individuals to create a greener future. She decided it all came down to developing good green habits. "Mostly we haven't created this mess through a few big disasters. It has been more an accumulation of billions of tiny actions, the kind of actions we all do every day. And that is the way we are going to get ourselves out of the mess - by doing at least one good Green Deed every day, consistently over time. Each and every one of us can make a difference."

Our Team

  1. Roz Savage creator and concept
  2. Brennan Novak concept, design and code
  3. Bobby Borszich code and consulting
  4. Max Ogden mobile apps

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